5.43 Tonnes of Ruby-in-Zoisite Unearthed in Mundarara

5.43 Tonnes of Ruby-in-Zoisite Unearthed in Mundarara

Tanzania has a way of pleasing the gemstone industry with record-breaking finds. A 41-year-old ASM miner, Gabriel Sendeu Laizer, has struck fortune by unearthing a record 5.43 tonnes of ruby-in-zoisite on his 8-hectare gem rich mine located in Mundarara village in Longido District, Arusha Region. The gems were unearthed on the 19th November 2020 and were valued by officials from the Ministry of Mines at $75,121 equivalent to Tshs 1.7billion.

Aidan Mhando, an assistant commissioner at the mineral department northern region, said that the government will earn Tshs 104 million as royalty, Tshs 126 million in tax revenues, Tshs 17 million inspection fee, and Tshs 5 million as service levy.

Frank Mwaisume, the Longido district commissioner, said that the increase in revenues from the gems and mineral sector is due to the establishment of the 28 minerals buying centers across the country which has led to a decline in the smuggling of minerals, especially gemstones from the northern regions.

Banks should assist Small Scale Miners with long term loans to enable them develop their mines. Miners should also seek joint ventures with others people and firms with capacity to enable them also succeed in the business.

Frank Mwaisume – Longido District Commissioner

The government revenue collections from the mineral sector has now gone up to Tshs 470 billion a year from Tshs 100 billion a few years ago.

About Gabriel Sendeu Laizer

Gabriel Sendeu Laizer, is a Maasai born in Longido. The father of five, rose from humble beginnings, hardly making it beyond primary education.  He went on to sell veterinary drugs for years before finding interest and joining the gem industry as a broker and later became a miner in 2016.

Sendeu Laizer is not related to the Tanzanite dollar millionaire Saniniu Laizer

About Ruby in Zoisite

Discovered in 1949, Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite which comes from a Massai name “anyoli” due to its predominantly green cover colour. The gem is only known to only occur in the Mandarara area, Longido district, Tanzania. The outer layer is chrome-zoisite’s green colour with the dark amphibole specks, while the core is the red of the ruby.

Mundarara is also know for its valuable gem rubies.

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