The Artisanal Small Scale Miners have been affected by the pandemic which has also negatively disrupted the gemstone supply chain, essential for the Jewelry Industry. Many mining communities have also been facing hard economic times and a vulnerable health care system.

The CRJC (Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference) and AGEC (Africa Gem Exhibition and Conference) Africa will be hosting a two-day online symposium on the gemstone and jewelry industry during the pandemic.

The two-day symposium will be discussing grass roots and global initiatives.  

Grass Roots Initiatives

Day 1 – People will get an in-depth understanding of the initiatives that have already started in these gem mining regions, and how you can contribute and participate.

These Professionals are working with the ASM gem miners in Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil, and America will discuss their initiatives.

Global Initiatives

Day 2 – OECD, World Bank, and PACT Worldwide will discuss what they see happening around the world, their current and future initiatives, and how large aid and development organizations are coming together to assist ASM communities around the world.

Date: 13th & 14 May 2020.

 You can submit your registration here to attend the symposium:

Image courtesy: Andrea Hill/CRJC


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