Deputy Minister Gives a Seven-day Ultimatum to Unlicensed Gem Dealers in Arusha

The Deputy Minister of Minerals of Tanzania, Stanslaus Nyongo, has given Seven Days from November 19 to 26 November 2019, to ensure all miners comply by bringing their gemstones to designated markets before the enforcement begins.

He granted permission to small and large buyers who have complied with the Mining Industry Regulations and Procedures to continue trading and that they will not be restricted by the regional restrictions.

He stated this on 18 November 2019, at the Arusha mining market where he went to monitor the implementation of Doto Biteko’s (Minister of Minerals) directive; to ensure that all gemstones and precious metals transactions in Arusha are carried out in the designated markets as from 19 November 2019.

He reminded the gemstone brokers not trading in the market, that the operation is underway; telling them that whoever sells precious metals and gemstones outside the market is the number one enemy of the Government.

I offer seven days if you have illegal gemstones  and other minerals at home to bring them to the market before the seven days grace period.

Deputy Minerals Minister – Stanslaus Nyongo

Stanslaus Nyongo told the acting Arusha Regional Mining Officer, Geologist Musa Shanyangi to make sure he signs all the business license applications submitted in the months of July, August and September to allow the traders to continue with their work. He added that the delay in processing and issuing the licenses is a catalyst for the mineral smuggling businesses. He stressed out that the government is behind them in ensuring that they do legitimate business and pay taxes.

Arusha Regional Commissioner, Mrisho Gambo called on the gemstone miners and traders not to abuse their freedom and to make sure that they set up leadership of people who will not mislead others.

Giving their petition to the government, gemstone trader Hussein Idd asked the government to send buyers of precious stones to the market so that they could find a place to sell their minerals.

Mr, Mohamed Juma, a gemstone trader also called on the government to relax the restrictions and reduce barriers to foreign buyers to enable them to trade in the country.


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