East African Gem Academy Is Offering Free Gemmology E-Course

Amid the continuous COVID-19 world wellbeing emergency, East African Gem Academy, an affiliated academy of the World Gem Foundation is offering free e-courses in gemology.

The Red, White and Blue course shall be offered for free. Interested persons are required to visit the institution’s website and register for the course. Upon registration, one will receive a link and credentials on how to log in. The course comes in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. The course is undertaken online or by downloading a pdf version and read offline.  

The courses four lessons covering gem identification, colorless and white, red and blue gemstones.

This course comes as a relief at a time that governments in Africa are enforcing stricter self- isolation measures to contain COVID-19. Gemologists, gem dealers, gem enthusiasts, and interested persons can undertake this free course.

In spite of the fact that East African countries are among world gem producers, there is very limited knowledge of the industry as the industry players are not well informed and educated.  The East African Gem Academy is among the top Institutions racing to bridge this gap through education by offering international diploma courses in Career Gemmologist, Diamond Professional and Coloured Gemstone Professional.

Image Courtesy: East African Gem Academy


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