Lucara Collaborates with Louis Vuitton to Polish the Sewelô Diamond

Lucara Diamond Corporation has entered into a collaboration with the luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, and Antwerp diamond manufacturer, the HB Company.

Sewelô is a 1758 cts. diamond recovered from Karowe mine owned by Lucara and the largest ever recovered in Botswana and the world’s second-largest mined diamond, although it is significantly smaller than the 3,016.75 cts. Cullinan Diamond, that was discovered in South Africa in 1905.

This collaboration between Lucara (miner), HB Company (cutting edge manufacturer) and Louis Vuitton (luxury brand) is intended to conduct the planning, cutting and polishing of a collection of diamonds from Sewelô.

It is reported by Financial Times that, Louis Vuitton, the 166-year-old French luxury house acquired the Sewelô diamond.

We are delighted to be partnering with Louis Vuitton, the famous luxury house, to transform the historic, 1,758 carat Sewelô, Botswana’s largest diamond, into a collection of fine jewellery that will commemorate this extraordinary discovery and contribute direct benefits to our local communities of interest in Botswana.

Eira Thomas – CEO, Lucara Diamond Corp

Lucara will receive up-front non-material payment for the Sewelô and retain a 50% interest in the individual polished diamonds that will result upon the final polish.

5% of all of the sales proceeds generated from this historic collection will be invested directly back into Botswana on community-based initiatives undertaken by Lucara.

The Sewelô diamond was recovered in April 2019. The diamond means ‘rare find’ in the Tswana language.

The Karowe mine has been very significant because it also produced 9.74 cts. blue diamond and 4.13 cts. pink diamond in September 2019. In November 2015, The Lesedi La Rona, a 1,109-carat diamond – the 3rd Largest ever found diamond, was unearthed by Lucara Diamond Corp and was sold to a famous British diamond dealer, Graff diamonds, for $53 million in September 2017. The Lesedi La Rona was reported to have yielded 67 finished gems from the stone.

Image: Lucara


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