Lucara recovers 9.74 cts. blue diamond and 4.13 cts. pink diamond

Lucara Diamond Corp is a Canadian diamond mining company with a producing mine and exploration licenses in Botswana has recovered two of the most coveted fancy diamond hues.

The 9.74 . gem-quality blue diamond and 4.13 . gem-quality pink diamond recovered at there100% owned Karowe diamond mine. The mine recently produced a 2.24 cts. the blue diamond that was sold for US$777,777.28 and the ‘9.46 . “Aven Blue” diamond which sold for US$477,000 per carat in 2012.

Lucara is extremely pleased with the recovery of these rare, sizeable, fancy coloured diamonds, which have the potential to contribute meaningful value to our regular production of large, high value type IIa diamonds. We look forward to offering these diamonds in our fourth quarter tender to be held in December 2019.

Eira Thomas, Lucara’s CEO



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