Mundarara Ruby Mining Given 30-Day Ultimatum

Minister of Minerals, Doto Biteko, has given a one-month ultimatum to Mundarara Ruby Mining Co. Ltd to pay a sum of $129,300 (TZ 300 million shillings) debt owed by the Government over a period of eight years.

During the visit, Minister Biteko was accompanied by Arusha Regional Commissioner Mrisho Gambo, Committee on Defense and Security, Longido District Leadership and Director-General of the National Mining Corporation (STAMICO)

Minister Biteko said the debt comprises of royalties and mining Fees for the aforementioned period, yet the company continued with operations in Mundarara village in Longido District in Arusha.

While issuing the directive, he has asked the company to obey the mining regulation procedures relating to licenses and submission of the certificate of Environmental Conservation Plan.

Minister Biteko told the company that if it fails to complete the directives within a month, their license will be revoked.

In another move, Minister Biteko has resolved a long-standing three-year dispute between the Mundarara Ruby Mining Company Ltd and the Sendeu Aggrovate Investment both conducting ruby mining in Mundarara location.

My office will oversee all directives issued by the Ministry of Minerals.

Mrisho GamboArusha Regional Commissioner

The secretary of Mundarara Ruby Mining Company Ltd, Davis Shayo, said that they will obey the government directives. He requested the ministry to give them more time to pay off the debt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The owner of Sendeu Aggrovate Investment, Gabriel Laizer, praised the minister’s action to resolve the disputed and stated that justice has been served.


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