Tanzanian dollar millionaire and small scale miner Saniniu Kuryan Laizer is undoubtedly the ‘Father of Tanzanite’. He has once more struck fortune and is set to be rewarded by the Tanzanian government for unearthing another record-breaking 6.33 Kg Tanzanite crystal from his Block D mine in Mirerani, Manyara region, Tanzania.

The Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania made the announcement on the 25th of July via their Twitter account.

The Government set the 3rd of August 2020 as the date of unveiling the now second-largest tanzanite crystal (by weight ). The 6.33 Kg crystal overthrows the 5.8 Kg crystal that was unearthed at the same mine last month, to position three.

The famous 3.37 Kg Mawenezi tanzanite crystal found by Tanzanite One at the Block C mine in 2005 now comes at a distant fourth.

The 9.2kg tanzanite crystal discovered last month remains the undisputed largest known tanzanite crystal to be recorded.

The 52-year-old husband of four and father to 30 children has set an almost impossible world record in the gemstone industry of having unearthed the 3 largest tanzanite crystal in a span of a month from his mine.

Mr. Saniniu Lazier at a past event holding exceptional tanzanite crystals extracted from his mine

His mine is now considered among the most profitable small scale gemstone mine in Africa.

The Tanzanian government is believed to have purchased and secured the new find at an undisclosed amount.

At the forthcoming unveiling and handover ceremony, it is expected that the Tanzanian government will officially reveal the crystal to the public and also declare the purchase price of the tanzanite crystal.

The discovery of tanzanite (a member of the zoisite family) has greatly impacted the Tanzanian economy.

image credits – Wizara ya Madini


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