SKY Group Associates Officials Charged

Directors of the Sky Group Associates have been charged at the Court of Manyara Regional Court for Economic misconduct and costing the Government more than three billion Tanzanian shillings (approx. USD 1,296,421).

The allegations were read before Manyara Regional Court Magistrate, Simon Kobelo, on May 22, 2020 by the prosecutor who identified the defendants as Hussein Gonga (Director), Faisal Shabhai (Director), Abubakar Lombe who is the company’s CEO and Anthony Maswi the company’s engineer.

Sky Group Associates carried out operations in the area of ​​license number ML 490/2013 that was originally owned by TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd but was returned to the State in December 2019.

The officials were charged with:

  • Leading a criminal gang
  • Failure to complying with the mining inspector
  • Violation of authority and set laws
  • Failure to comply with the safety, health and environmental management regulations
  • Avoiding taxes and royalties
  • Causing losses to the Government
  • Money laundering.

The defendants have been remanded for lack of bail until the case is mentioned again on June 22, 2020.

Early March this year, the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau in Manyara arrested Daudi Ntalima, a senior Simanjiro mining official, for soliciting a bribe from the company’s official. The bribery claim followed days after the government suspended the company’s license.

SKY Group Associatesmine the famous ‘Tanzanite One – Block C’ section in Mirerani, Tanzania.

Image courtesy: Wizara ya Madini


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