Tanzanite One License Has Been Suspended

The Tanzania Minister of Minerals, Doto Mashaka Biteko said there were no ongoing negotiations between the Government and the Tanzanite One Company and instead the License owned by the company in partnership with STAMICO(State Mining Corporation of  Tanzania) has been canceled and has already been returned to the State. The company operated Block C of the Mirerani mines.

This comes a week after the government has bared Tanzanite One Limited (now owned by Sky Associates) owners and officials from entering or drawing near the perimeter wall of the Mirerani mines.

Other than the closure of the mine, the minister  told the company to settle the workers’ salaries dating back approximately 22 months inside a stipulated 3 month period

The director of the company, Mr. Faisal Shabhai, said that they have not yet received any formal communication on the ban.

A memo of the ban dated 1st March 20202 was published by the government.

A memo issued by the office of Minerals, Mirerani

Some of the small scale miners adjacent to the Tanzanite One location expressed reprieve and joy following the ban as they are able to restart their operation following a temporary closure.

Last year, the government suspended the mining exercises of Tanzanite One after a breach of statutory rules.

Deputy Minerals Minister, Stanislaus Nyongo said that the mining contracts have profited as little few rather than the Tanzanians at expansive.

Image courtesy: Ministry of Minerals


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