Tanzanite Trade To Be Confined In Mirerani

Tanzanite Trade To Be Confined In Mirerani

Starting on the 10th of this month all tanzanite mineral trade will have to be undertaken at Mirerani. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Tanzania Kassim Majaliwa has instructed that all tanzanite related businesses will be undertaken inside the walls of Mirerani.

He instructed the Permanent Secretary in the Minerals Ministry, Prof. Simon Msanjila, to amend the regulation that would see all tanzanite purchases and exports are done at Mirerani only. He also gave a directive to the Simanjiro District Executive Director to allocated land for potential investors in the EPZA.

Tanzanite valuation and other processes should be done here, and it entails opening up the Export Processing Zones that would see investors come here.

Kassim Majaliwa – PM Tanzania

The Prime Minister noted that it is only by doing so that area’s economic activities will spur and add more income-generating activities which will benefit more the people of Mirerani who are blessed with these precious gems.

He said this at the inauguration of the Magufuli Tanzanite Center in Mirerani where he graced the event. The center was constructed by SUMA-JKT. It houses a number of facilities such banks, a conference center, an immigration office, police stations and Tanzania Revenue Authority Office.

Last year, The Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania purchased two record-breaking tanzanite crystals from Mr. Saniniu Laizer, a tanzanite miner. The government also purchased the second-largest tanzanite to be recorded from the miner.

Image: Daily TZ


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