Third Largest Diamond Rough Unearthed at the Karowe Mine in Botswana

Third Largest Diamond Rough Unearthed at the Karowe Mine in Botswana

Lucara Diamond Corporation unearthed a colossal 1,174.76-ct. diamond, trumping the 1,098-ct. gem diamond rough that was found on 1st June, last month, by Debswana (a joint venture between Anglo American’s De Beers and the Botswana government).

The 1,174-ct. diamond rough that was found on 12th June, now becomes the 3rd largest diamond rough of over 1,000 carats Lucara Diamond has unearthed from the Karowe mine since it was commissioned in 2012, following the 1,758-carat Sewelô in 2019 and the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona in 2015.

174.76 carat diamond. Image credit – Lucara Diamond Corp.

“This is history in the making, for us and Botswana as well,”

Naseem Lahr, Managing Director, Lucara Diamond

The Cullinan, found in South Africa, remains the undisputed biggest diamond ever discovered.

Additionally, on the same day of production, several other diamonds roughs of similar appearance weighing 471-ct, 218-ct, 159-ct were recovered, indicating the 1,174 diamond was part of a larger diamond with an estimated weight of over 2000 carats.

The Korawe mine is now known for its Type IIA, +10.80 carats, known as specials, which accounted for about 17.5% of the total carat weight of June’s mine output.

A Belgian manufacturer, HB Antwerp partnered with Lucara to purchase and process all of the miner’s rough above 10.8 carats.

Image Courtesy: AFP/Monirul Bhuiyan

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