The Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania has today officially recognized a Maasai tanzanite miner, Mr. Saniniu Laizer, as a Tanzanian billionaire (or rather USD Millionaire. The two crystals are fully terminated with the distinct orthorhombic shapes.

Both gems outweigh the famous 3.37 Kg Mawenezi tanzanite unearthed by Tanzanite One Ltd in 2005. The 9.4Kg crystal is officially the largest known tanzanite crystal and the 5.8Kg as the second-largest tanzanite crystal to be recorded.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by the Minister of Minerals, Mr. Doto Biteko, who disclosed that the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Finance have purchased the two Tanzanite crystals at TShs 4.5B (USD 1.94M) and TShs3.3B (USD 1.42M) respectively. The purchase agreement of the two crystals was signed at the ceremony by both parties.

The Minister who was the guest of honour stated that miners should diversify and also invest in other sectors whenever they profit from the gemstones trade. President Magufuli phoned Minister Biteko after handed over Tanzanite mining worth Tsh. The $ 7.8 billion it bought for miner Saniniu Laizer.

I congratulate Mr. Laizer, this is the benefit of the Miners, it proves Tanzanians are rich, Tanzanite is nowhere to be found, and I congratulate the Minister of Minerals, the Ministry of Finance, Regional Commissioner, Regional Leaders, Arusha and Simanjiro Citizens at large. I also congratulate the Ministry for deciding to buy it.

Tanzanian President Pombe M.

In 2017, the president ordered the military to build a wall in Mirerani Tanzanite mines and directed the central bank to buy the gemstones to boost its reserves.

The government announced a significant improvement in revenue from the Gemstone and minerals sector after opening various trading centers in the country.

Image Courtesy: Wizara ya Madini


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